Camping Lighting

Camping Lighting: Illuminate Your Nights in the Great Outdoors

Don’t let the darkness hinder your camping fun. Browse our collection of camping lanterns, headlamps, and portable lights to illuminate your nights and keep the adventure going. Stay safe and well-lit during your camping trips with our reliable camping lighting options.

  • 31CgL73ICLL. SS300

    2000LM LED Work Light for...

    Perfectly compatible with Milwaukee 14.4V-20V lithium-ion batteries: Taingwei torch powered by Milwaukee 18 volt lithium-ion battery 48-11-1811 48-11-1815 48-11-1820 48-11-1822 48-11-182828 48-11 -1840 48-11-1841 48-11-1850 etc. Batteries not included
    【2000LM Super Bright Mechanic Work Light】— With COB light source, the unique combination design of work light and torch realises the perfect combination of spot torch and floodlight. 90 degree rotating design provides multi-angle lighting, works perfectly in tight spaces.
    3 lighting modes: just press the switch of the lamp to enter the floodlight mode 1800 lm, flashlight mode 200 lm, super bright mode 2000 lm. If you press for a long time, it can close the light.

  • 41yGtjsgcDL. SS300

    ACEBEAM Pokelit AA Rechargeable...

    ✅Super Bright Flashlight: Pokelit AA edc flashlight Adopted high performance LED and a cool white 6500K color temperature,with a max output of 1,000lumens, and a 105 meters beam distance.
    ✅Rechargeable and AA Flashlight: Coming with one rechargeable battery, also compatible with one standard AA (Ni-MH/Alkaline) battery, its convenient and easy to get, you won’t need to worry about no battery use.
    ✅High Performance Flashlight:Pokelit AA pocket flashlight Equipped with Coated anti-scratch optic lens, light transmittance up to 99.6%. Featured with 3 light modes: High / Medium / Low (With memory function), running time up to 58 hours,perfectly meet the various needs of daily use, Pokelit AA will be your perfect companion.

  • 31DC3pbI1UL. SS300

    ACEBEAM Pokelit AA Rechargeable...

    Torch with high CRI: Pokelit AA edc torch adopts 219F LED high CRI value 90 and a neutral white colour temperature of 5000K, it will restore the original colour of the object, you will be able to observe the object more easily.
    RECHARGEABLE AND AA FLASHLIGHT: With a rechargeable battery that is also compatible with a standard AA (Ni-MH/Alkaline) battery, it is convenient and easy to get, you don’t have to worry about no battery consumption.
    High performance torch: Pokelit AA torch emits bright light with up to 550 lumens. Equipped with 3 light modes: high / medium / low (with memory function), running time up to 53 hours, perfectly meets the different requirements of daily use, Pokelit AA will be your perfect companion.

  • 51FhYtqYtaL. SS300

    Battery Lamp for Makita 18...

    Super brightness beam: the industrial LED work light consists of a high-quality lamp chip, the brightness corresponds to 15 ordinary lamp chips, the LED work light is practical for the dark working area.
    Operated with battery: the cordless LED work light provides 2000 lumens of brightness, used for Makita 18 V lithium ion batteries.
    Compact and portable: this work light is compact, solid structure. Adapt to different scenes to make your life more enjoyable.

  • 51w2JFNBZEL. SS300

    BINWO Torch, Portable Zoomable...

    Super bright LED torch: latest optics system with extra high performance in combination with an extremely bright LED chip. Super bright torch is XM-L2 LED LED sweep sweep lights up over the length of about 2.5 football fields (820 ft/250 m). The powerful tactical LED torch is of excellent quality and offers 100,000 hours of operation.
    Excellent gift ideas: IP65 waterproof rating. The lightweight and practical LED torch can be used for daily lighting, power outages, emergencies, etc. It can also be used for outdoor sports. This torch is a good gift for Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving.
    Durable and portable: with the focus adjustable design, you can also choose wider beam (floodlight) or narrower beam (headlight light). Easy to install. With excellent hardness, wear resistance and drop resistance. Fits in your pocket, backpack or survival kit.

  • 411O ab5bmL. SS300

    BoloShine Solar Camping Lamp...

    Solar and USB rechargeable: this LED camping lamp has two charging modes. It can be charged not only with solar energy, but also via USB. No need to remove the battery, USB cable allows you to charge quickly and conveniently. 4 indicator lights show you the power levels 25% 50% 75% 100%.
    2 colour lights and 2 lighting modes: the solar camping lantern has two colour light modes, white bright light and yellow soft light, each colour light has two modes: strong light and low light. You can choose different light modes depending on the environment.
    Remote control and pressure switch: This rechargeable tent light is equipped with a remote control and a range of up to 5 metres, so you don’t have to get too close to the light with this remote control. When the battery of the remote control is empty, you can still turn it on with the pressure switch on the camping light.

  • 41W1tGeHghL. SS300

    Camping Lamp Battery Operated,...

    Retro LED camping lamp: in accordance with the shape of a portable vintage lamp, combined with modern craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, this lamp looks vintage and stylish. Easy to use, powerful and durable.
    Dimmable and adjustable colour temperature: this camping light can be adjusted in 3 colour temperatures (warm white, cold white, neutral white) and in brightness. Simply turn the button switch on the top to give you alternate: warm white (gradually increasing brightness) – cool white (gradually increasing brightness) – mixed neutral white (maximum brightness).
    Rechargeable: the ambient light has a built-in 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and requires 4 hours for a full charge. There is an output that can be used as a mobile power source to charge your mobile phone. There is a battery indicator so you always know how much power is consumed.

  • 41Rubl3zeWL. SS300

    Captain Stag UK-517 CS Candle...

    Product Size: Approx. Diameter 3.9 x Height 7.1 inches (100 x 180 mm)
    Product Weight: Approx. 4.9 oz (140 g) (main unit only)
    Accessories: 1 x Candle

  • 418+2 l wSL. SS300

    Civikyle 1 x LED Solar Lantern...

    [Bright & Soft Lighting]: The home emergency light with 40 LEDs gives a bright but gentle light that is gentle on the eyes. The solar camping lamp has 5 lighting modes: high (6 hours runtime)-medium (12 hours runtime)-low (16 hours runtime)-flashing (7 hours runtime)-SOS (10 hours runtime).【NOTE】: short press the switch for high-medium-low, 5 seconds long press for flashing SOS.
    Magnetic and hanging: with 2 strong magnets, you can attach the electric camping lantern to metal surfaces to operate it hands-free, e.g. on the bonnet of the car or on the refrigerator. With the folding hook, you can hang it wherever you want, e.g. on trees or tents.
    USB-C and solar rechargeable: the hanging tent light with 6000 mAh battery supports USB charging (8-9 hours for fully charged) and solar charging. Note: the power indicator flashes when charging and stays on when fully charged.

  • Claymore [Ultra3.0 M Medium...

    ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Claymore’s Ultra3.0 portable outdoor light and power bank is wireless, compact, multi-functional, has 5 Adjustable brightness mode, has a battery capacity of 11,600mAh and brightness of 40 – 2,200 lumens.
    LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Claymore’s battery powered lights have the run time of up to 8 – 80 hours and 6 hours of charging time. We built a quality product that will bring you greater power and performance than ever before!
    NEW TURBO MODE WITH 3 LED LIGHT COLORS: The Ultra3.0 comes with a new upgraded turbo mode providing you with twice as much power and performance lighting in natural white mode! There are three color settings: Cool (6500K), Natural (4200K), and Warm (3000K). Brightness can be adjusted and the SOS flash function can be used for emergency situations.

  • 31hK+IQ39rL. SS300

    Claymore Ultra Mini Rechargeable...

    MINI RECHARGEABLE CAMPING LIGHT: The Ultra Mini area light is remarkably lightweight and compact making it ideal for easy and convenient hands free lighting for all outdoor activities. This mini LED area light is 116g, can fit into the palm of your hand, is USB rechargeable, and has long lasting battery life. Lumena’s Ultra Mini light is made for the nature enthusiast that loves camping, hiking, trekking, fishing and backpacking
    3 COLORS + PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Ultra Mini is 500 lumens bright, USB rechargeable, has an IP64 rating, and lasts up to 24 hours per full charge. The Ultra Mini has three color temperatures: cool (6,500K), Natural (4,200K) and Warm (3,000K)
    ULTRA-LIGHT AND PORTABLE: The Ultra Mini is only 116g (4 oz) making it the smallest and most compact camping light with the greatest power and performance. Its small size (66mm x 85mm) fits into one hand for easy carrying and storage. Every outdoors man should keep an Ultra Mini in their backpack!

  • 31TV75pPgzL. SS300

    Claymore Ultra+ Outdoor Portable...

    POWERFUL 2,700 LUMENS LANTERN: Ultra+ portable outdoor light and power bank is wireless, compact, has 3 color modes and a large battery capacity of 17,400mAh and 2,700 lumens. We applied high-grade built-in Samsung LED chips to increase the product lifetime use to up 100 hours per full charge. We built a quality product that will bring you greater power and performance than ever before!
    NEW TURBO MODE + 3 COLORS: The Ultra+ comes with a new upgraded turbo mode providing you with twice as much power and performance lighting in natural white mode! There are three color settings: Cool (6500K), Natural (4200K), and Warm (3000K). Brightness can be adjusted and the SOS flash function can be used for emergency situations.
    QUICK CHARGE POWER BANK: This LED Light doubles as a power bank (5V – 2A output) providing you with a 40% faster charge power source when out traveling, camping, fishing, and more. Bi-directional quick charge through USB allows you to charge the light and your electronic devices at the same time! It is compatible with various devices (Apple / Samsung / LG / Sony / HTC).

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