Everything You Need to Know About Bell Tents: The Ultimate Guide for Campers in Australia

Everything You Need to Know About Bell Tents: The Ultimate Guide for Campers in Australia

Canvas bell tents vs. nylon bell tents

The vast majority of modern tents are made out of synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester (and other derivatives). Some of these synthetic materials are a good choice for camping and hiking because they are cheap to manufacture, lightweight and waterproof. Synthetics can also be durable, low maintenance and quick-to-dry.

There are however, distinct disadvantages to synthetic fabrics: they don’t ‘breathe’, i.e. let air pass in and out of the tent. This causes condensation to form in the inside of the tent, which can lead to annoying drops of water, moisture damage and mould. Compared with canvas, synthetic tents provide little insulation, so they will get hot in warm weather and cold in cool weather. Synthetic tents are also notoriously noisey in wind.

After continued exposure to the sun, synthetics will eventually fade, deteriorate and ultimately end up as landfill. Synthetics are often manufactured in a toxic environment which is a danger to workers and the environment.

Setting up your bell tent

Setting up a bell tent is relatively simple and easy, even for those who have never set up a tent before. While every Homecamp Bell tent comes with details instructions, a basic guide is:

  • Find a nice flat spot with good drainage.
  • Check for any sharp objects before rolling out your tent.
  • Place the groundsheet stakes through the grommet tabs and hammer into the ground. Work your way around the groundsheet, pulling it into shape as you go.
  • Assemble the center pole out of the tent, making sure the loop hook is on the top end of the pole (this comes in handy for hanging a lantern). Walk the pole into the center of the tent and position by placing one end centered inside the tent ceiling and walking it upright.
  • Install the A-Frame entrance to your tent (this provides a nice entrance) ensuring poles are secure in sockets.
  • Adjust the guy lines to designed length.  

Accessorising your bell tent

There are a variety of accessories available for bell tents, including practical items such as footprint tarps, awnings, inner tents and covers. There are also tonnes of gear you can style the inside of your tent with to get it feeling super cosy, items such as lanterns, blankets, tables, chairs and bedding. These accessories can enhance the comfort and convenience of your bell tent, making your camping experience even more enjoyable. Shop all bell tent accessories. 

Maintenance and care

Proper care and maintenance of your bell tent is essential to ensure its longevity and performance. Ensuring it is properly weathered (more on that here), regular cleaning and proper storage (sweeping it out before you pack it away, and not leaving it wet inside its bag) can help to extend the life of your tent and keep it in great condition for years to come. Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or a longer excursion, taking care of your bell tent will ensure that it is always ready when you are.

Camping in a bell tent

Bell tent camping provides a unique and exciting experience, offering ample space (there’s nothing better than standing up and walking around inside your tent!), protection from the elements, and opportunities for outdoor adventures. Suited to car camping (due to the size and weight of the tent) it makes for the perfect base camp whatever the adventure, be it hiking, a weekend down the coast with the family or a week-long Easter camping setup in the bush, it’s worth discovering how a bell tent could work for you.

So why not take the next step and explore the world of bell tents? 

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